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Time Passages

Paul Bluestein


Ronald Stephen Reiniger

Double Trouble

Vol II

​Jose & James

Amplified Silence

​Kieran Egan


in Russet 

Cynthia Sharp

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An Extraordinary Way of SayingNothing

James E. Roethlien

The 13th Cusp

​Candice James

Still Waters

Kamal Parmar

Through My Lens

Gwynne Hunt


Unlocking the Tin Box

Gwynne Hunt


Scott K Bywater

Of Drink & Greatness

​Matthew Jose

We Came from Water

​Alan Hill


Scott K Bywater

Rithimus Aeternam

​Candice James

Fade To Black

paul Bluestein

Death of a Doppelganger

Rod Deakin-Drown

In Conversation Volume 2

TK Torme

Rachel Taylor

Lunch with Rav Dimi

Rabbi Suzanne Brody

Peaches and Roses

Episodes in the Navajo Degradation

​Charles D. Tarlton

In Absentia

Fabrice Poussin

The Starry Devil

and other unwanted poems

Angelo Letizia

Good Advice

from Bad Women

Carly Herriges

The Width of Here L. Ward Abel

Moon Dancing Vol I

​Iain McLachlan

Depending Upon the Muse

Matthew Jose

Moon Dancing Vol III

Iain McLachlan

Moon Dancing 

​Volume 2

​Iain McLachlan

Find What Isn't


Leonard Neufeldt


​TK Torme Rachel Taylor

Even the Flowers Mock Me

​Matthew Jose

Psychogeography of Love

Ioana Cosma

Reflections  & Perceptions 

​Lorenzo Cherubini

Between Breaths

Jane Williams

Devil;'s Breath

​Ronald Stephen Reiniger

The Marta Poems

Susan J. Atkinson

Moments on a Staircase Mary Haylock

Shards of Crystal

Fern G.Z. Carr

In  Conversation TK Torme

​Rachel Taylor

Forever Cast in Endless Time

Bill Arnott

Lost in Sight

Eve Rifkah

The Missing Steps

​Mary Haylock

Walking Across the Day

d.n. simmers

Call of the Crow

 Candice James

Double Trouble

Vol I

​Jose & James

Traveling Detours

& U-Turns


In Aevo

Ioana Cosma

Locked in 

Different  Alphabets

Doris Fiszer