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“Cherubini is ever questioning the Human condition of Belief and Heart, taking the Sacred with the Painful.  He skillfully invites us to ponder the mystery of depth and thought in Human Relationships, in this vast myriad of complexity within our Longing, as he issues a plea for tolerance, kindness and introspection.  Along with strong encouragement to ask ourselves to know the experience of our Dark and Light past our superficial familiarity. This is a courageous book for those who desire to know the deepest facets of the essence of their Beings. The author himself encourages us - “to live with inextinguishable hope - and suspend contingency to pursue ALL that is possible. Cherubini’s wonder knows no limit, his curiosity opens the reader in a most personal way.  Every aspect is up for investigation, compelling the reader to take stock of their own patterns of behaviour, looking for Spirit to mediate truth.  We are left to answer the question, “Is it possible to weave the tapestry of Life, while unraveling the threads of Mystery. ~ Gini Cale, author of “UBUNTU”, “One Love ... Unbroken” and “The Spirit of Love ... Stories to Inspire”.

“A Disruptive Cadence, a line from Cherubini’s new book, would have made a great title. Not because the work leans to the philosophical, but because each line is like a strummed chord. Some harmonize, others jam through social and personal commentary that moves without metaphor. Does it work as poetry? McLuhan believed the alphabet was a series of metaphors, and letters form words. Perhaps, it depends on a disruptive cadence.” ~ by Keith Inman, author of War Poems: Screaming at Heaven and SEAsia (Seize-ya).

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