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”I closed my eyes for a minute and when I opened them I was floating at the top of the ceiling. I was floating with my Mom. We held hands and looked down at her body on the bed. She was still, her eyes had no life. The tube from the respirator was still taped to her mouth. I saw Gale slip mom's wedding ring off her finger and put it on her hand. I saw them both kiss her and whisper their goodbyes. “Oh Mom.” I whispered, “we’re dead.”

I was with Mom. I must be dead. I died standing in the doorway. I looked down but I was still standing and rubbing my arms. Mom was dead on the hospital bed. Gale was on one side, Vendla on the other. I looked to the hand I was holding but I did not see Mom’s hand. My fingers slid through the air and I felt myself thud back into my body that was still clinging to the door frame for strength. I whispered goodbye from the door. I turned and rushed into the hall. I found the nearest chair in the hall to collapse into.

This is the true story of the trials and tribulations, the joys and sorrows. the drugs, alcohol and abuse of growing up in Vancouver, BC in the 50s and 60s in a dysfunctional family: Father and mother alcoholics and the father a con man and a carny, but still a caring Dad who somehow made it work and kept the family together and surviving. The narrative is peppered with history and landmarks. A fresh and invigorating read that brings both smiles and tears to the reader. Emotional, evocative, raw yet quite lovely indeed.