Angel Edwards’ first collection of poems. Tales from the Dreams Garden, is a delightful and mysterious read. Her work draws on her extensive musical background. This is exemplified by her use of cadence and breath that imbues each poem with narrative and subtle rhythm. Repetition is cleverly used along with spare and beautiful imagery.  ~ Jude Neale author of “A Quite Coming of the Light”; “Splendid in Its Silence”

This is a book by a musician.  There is a lyricism and sense of harmony in the flow of the words that almost has you singing along, beating out a rhythm on your knees, reaching for a hand to hold, reaching for a guitar.  Angel has created a land of dreams, a place of melody and beauty.  In this place, whatever the hardship that has been faced, the pain bravely endured, there is always the summer, the warm nights, the stars and the ocean.  Join Angel as she takes you through the forest of yourself to the ocean’s edge.  There, she will leave you alone but knowing that with her words to guide you, you will always be able to find a way to get back home again -~ Alan Hill, Poet Laureate, New Westminster, BC  CANADA





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