Villanelles and Paintings
AUTHOR:       Candice James
PUBLISHER:    Silver Bow Publishing
ISBN:           978-1-927616-01-7
PGS:            98
PRICE:         $20.00

Artwork:        42 full colour paintings by 7 artists

Shorelines of Eternity  is a book of villanelles by Candice James, Poet Laureate Emerita of New Westminster, BC, and artwork by her grand daughter Emily Cuthbertson and artwork by Janet Kvammen, Valerie Barron- McCrae; Don Portelance, Doreen Bruce, Candice James and “BC Country Music Hall of Famer” the late Rex Howard. There are 42 pages of coloured artwork, 41 pages of villanelles and also pages displaying the contributor photos and profiles.  The subject matter runs the gamut of everything from love, to nature to darker villanelles.          

Form poetry is a journey within itself and the poetry form “Villanelle” has a soothing, eclectic feeling that permeates the soul as no other form of poetry does.


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