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We Came from Water 2nd Edition

We Came from Water 2nd Edition

1st edition



Alan Hill brings his bleak wit and deep capacity for love to focus upon three loved ones: his father, his city, his wife. This poetry features richly accumulating imagery, sudden changes in direction, and keen insights.   ~Joanne Arnott, author of A Night for the Lady and Halfling Spring


These poems by Alan Hill have a vivid physicality and energy. With insight and humour each wry and acutely observed details creates new understanding of conflicted masculinity, attachment to family and place, and what it is to love ~ Miranda Pearson, author of The Fire Extinguisher and nominee for the 2016 Dorothy Livesay Prize   

 In this, his forth collection of poetry, Alan Hill explores contemporary life from a series of distinct but overlapping angles. He examines the complex nature of love; love for a partner, love for a father, love for a city, with all the contradictions and complexities, passions and ambiguities that love entails. No journey towards meaning is an easy one, and in these very readable and digestible poems, Alan Hill creates a map  and helps himself and us all move forward in understanding and respect. ~ Silver Bow Publishing