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‚ÄčIn this 2nd edition book, the author delves deeply into the Psychogeography of his home City.  He is engaged in an active exploration of his urban environment and a study of how our geographical location influences our emotional behaviour.  He has stepped off the predictable path and into the dense undergrowth of our urban awareness to explore new ways of thinking about the everyday situations and locations that we find ourselves in.  As he drifts from pubs to cafes, dollar stores to parks and cemetery sites a map is made, a map that helps us build insight into who we are, what we want and where we live.  

Be prepared to be taken off the beaten track, or to see that often used track in new ways, ways that will educate, inform and entertain. In the Eighteenth-Century, William Blake saw heaven in a wild flower, paradise in a grain of sand. The author invites you to find heaven in the street where you live, the parks where you play, from a bus window, a view from a bridge in rush hour traffic, or wherever you choose it to be. It is time to rediscover where you live.