“WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE  is a salve for the mind and a magnifying lens for the soul.  As the reader meanders through the myriad of poems in this book something happens.  The reader becomes more aware of their own personality and ways they might polish it to a shinier and more beautiful reflection in the mirror of the world that revolves around their particular circle of friends, acquaintances and loved ones. Plamondon is a master at turning the complex into simplicity.  Life is meant to be lived, and Barry,  through his poetry   shows us how to NOT take ourselves too seriously, and just go with the ebb and the flow of daily life and simply enjoy the moments we create and also the moments we just happen to stumble upon.  It’s true, EVERYTHING has a reason.  There is no such thing as coincidence.      ~ Candice James, Poet Laureate Emerita, New Westminster, BC CANADA



by Barry Plamondon