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Helene Levasseur

lives in Maple Ridge, BC



 A ground breaking literary work by an amazing person who defied a crippling traumatic brain injury and cancer.  It is an honour and a privilege to have known you Helene! ~ Dr. Biju Mathew, FRCPC, FCPA, Clinical Professor, Faculty of Medicine, UBC, author of "Super 30 Changing the World 30 Students at a Time"

“In this book, Hélène Levasseur captures the complexity of emotions and thoughts faced by many people who have experienced a brain injury. Her words convey the ups and downs of a journey through brain injury and cancer with candour and eloquence. Thank you for your perseverance and enthusiasm Hélène!” ~ Carol Paetkau, Executive Director, Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association

 “In the 15 years that I have known Helene as her primary care medical provider, I have encountered a unique individual who has dealt with her significant medical challenges with grace, optimism and good humour. Her faith has guided her through the many obstacles that she has faced and she has created a body of work which is remarkable given her circumstances.“  Dr. Merrick Tosefsky, Family Physician, Vancouver, B.C.

More Testimonials

Hélène is a talented song writer, poet, author and communicator and her passion and joy shine through in all she does.  It has been my privilege to walk alongside Helene as she experienced healing while participating in the programs offered at Celebrate Recovery.  She has shared her story of overcoming life’s challenges on numerous occasions and it is always a source of encouragement and hope for others.  She truly is a remarkable woman and above all her belief in our Lord Jesus Christ, her rescuer and restorer. ~ Carol Keating, Southern BC Representative for Celebrate Recovery

Hélène Levasseur is a unique poet indeed.  Her joy in living spills tenderly from her thoughts with such eloquent ease onto her pages of poetry.  She has a depth to her creativity that gently tugs at the fabric of the reader’s soul and warms the heart.  It has been my privilege and pleasure getting to know Hélène and her poetry over the years.  She is an earthbound angel and the true greatness of her magnanimous spirit is mirrored oh so beautifully in the weave and design of her poetry. ~ Candice James, Poet Laureate Emerita, New Westminster, B.C Canada.

Read this book and burrow deep into the mind of Hélène Levasseur a TBI survivor, a cancer fighter, a child of God, a lover of Jesus and indeed a fascinating woman. You will embark on a special journey as you see the world through her eyes, her mind and her spirit. No matter where you are in life, there's a prayer in   here for you. ~ Lozan Yamolky, author of “Counting Waves” & “I’m No Hero”

 Helene writes with passion from a deep faith within. She leaves her heart in the lines of her unique poetry, which oozes good will and true belief. While she entertains, she shares her learning. More than anyone, Helene writes from the heart. She will touch the compassion within you.
~ H.W. Bryce, author of “Chasing a Butterfly”

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