Early Reviews of Unlocking the Tin Box

I was engaged in the story from the first page.  Although likely by intent, 'Unlocking the Tin Box' helped me understand why humans arrive at adulthood carrying the weight of generations before them.   Authentic, relatable and easy to read. ~  Shelley McNaughton, Vancouver Island
I read Unlocking The Tin Box about a week ago and would like to comment on the read. I rarely send reviews but was compelled with this one. I enjoyed the story about Maggie's childhood of growing up surviving whatever ridiculous crap the adults decided to do next. I loved the descriptions of  real historic events as they mixed in with what was happening in her very eventful life at the time. I laughed out loud and shed real tears. i was quite satisfied with Unlocking The Tin Box and will be recommending it. ~  Robyn Whitbread, Vancouver Island
I was happy to receive my copy of your novel , "Unlocking the Tin Box", last Monday.  I started reading it that day and had finished by the next afternoon!  It's a compelling story, full of information and descriptions of the lives of some people who lived in the  post War era, from the late 50's to the present day. It's sad, it's funny, it's revealing, and a very good read!  Thank you. ~ Gay Davis, Nanaimo, BC.

 “Unlocking The Tin Box was a great read! Interesting and multi-layered. A must read!”
  ~ Malcolm Brown (Delta, BC)

 With honesty Gwynne Hunt shares her life sharing courage and laughter ..straight talk of a woman's journey of self acceptance and love...I felt transported reliving her life ..her taste of life. How a family pulled together with such deep love..their courage inspiring . A Fan for sure ~ M.L.W (Marsha Ward, Ontario)