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paul Bluestein opens this fresh and vibrant collection of poems with a brief set of seasonal poems sectioned into Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. He then slides eloquently into the heart and soul of time passages where his deep love for his dogs, his wife and nature are painted in gentle tapestries and spoken with sincerity, warmth and spirit. 
                          Excerpt ffom “Re New”  

“The distant hills have grown soft, green fur. / The air which, just a month ago barked / and bit my ankles, now licks my face / with a warm and gentle tongue.

 Bluestein is a gifted poet and this book of his finely crafted and honed poetry is a gift to the world. ~ Candice James, author of “Rithimus Aeternam” and Poet Laureate Emerita, City of New Westminster, BC CANADA