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This is a historical creative non-ficiton novel  highlighting many local landmarks in and around the Vancouver, BC area, historical facts and many pages of actual newspaper clippings and photographs pertinent to the book

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Author Prologue:  

When I wrote my book Unlocking the Tin Box in 2019,  it was an autobiography, telling the story of not only my life, but of my parents as well. I have done more genealogy research since then and have uncovered a history I was not aware of before. I decided to tell the story of my parents ‘through my lens’ based on my research. They are no longer here to ask how they felt or exactly what happened but there is a lot of information, memories, and family gossip to fill in the pieces.

I did not discover until I was 69 that my father Ronald Robinson was not my biological father.  Despite family rumours over the years I was devastated.  Ronald was English and I grew up believing I came from my Swedish mother and my English father. Ron had me convinced I descended from royalty.  Through three DNA tests I found out I have no English DNA in my line but am Swedish and Danish. I found many DNA connected relatives. A new family of sorts, although nobody wanted to celebrate the birth of a new 69-year-old girl in their lives.  One 2nd cousin, who I am still in touch with sent me a lot of family history.  A few other cousins and a nephew provided information, but we do not keep in touch often.  I understand that.  I barely keep in touch with most of the relatives I grew up with. 

I have had a few years now to put the story of my life in perspective and want to honour my parents; all three of them, by telling their stories. Their lives were complicated by World War I and II, the Great Depression, poverty, alcoholism, and families who did not understand them, disowned them, abused them, and abandoned them. 

When I found out my biological father was Harold Larsen, I also found out some of his family members did not even know he existed. After comparing notes with the few that did know him, I discovered I knew more about him then they did.  I only knew him in life as my father’s best friend who my mother hated.  As I said, it is complicated. They all impacted my life in profound ways, for at their core, each of them was wise, kind and loving.

Ronald Robinson

March 28, 1906 -January 31, 1973

Gunvor Berglund

August 4, 1910 -February 12, 1984    (Weberg, Robinson)

Harold Larsen    

July 22, 1916 -September 18, 1983

Marie Robinson 

(abt 1899) - January 2, 1980

(maiden name unknown Hoick, Dick)


Available July 2021