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         As I reread my memoir, Moments on a Staircase, I realized I had left out great chunks of my interesting life. Sometimes I just forgot about them and other times they were simply too hurtful to remember. I am now setting about to remedy these oversights. I am climbing my staircase once again and this time I am resolved not to skip over the steps I chose to ignore first time around. My friend Murray, (aka VP Quick) has suggested, because I am so old now, I might like to think about installing a stairlift. He may be right, but I am going to try to negotiate these missing steps under my own steam. Wish me luck!

Mary Haylock is a storyteller who fully draws you into her world. Her tales are heartwarming, comical, and straight forward.  Her work is like having a conversation with a friend about important moments in life. If you are looking for humorous, real, human life stories, this is the book for you! ~ W. Tulloch, BA, Med, Retired Head Librarian for Hamilton Wentworth District School Board 

Mary Haylock is a retired teacher with the Hamilton Board of Education, spending 38 years working as a teacher.   She graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario in 1970 with a degree in English Literature.   This is Mary’s 3rd book and it follows up “Moments on a Staircase” These chapters are “The Missing Steps”. 

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