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Enter, as a child of the universal mind, the inner sanctum of the unblemished subconscious and wander the borderlands of eternity with inspiration and awe.  Enter  “Spirits Dressed Up As Poems”.

An ethereal, esoteric and otherworldly essence blended with a concrete earthly mood transfixes these poems somewhere in between the here and there; the then and now; and the real and surreal. In some of the poems there seems to almost be a channeling from the beyond. This is a book for a hazy, rainy afternoon indoors or a warm summer evening on the beach.  It is a book to be read when one wants to ride the shimmering rails of reality’s fantasy through the revolving kaleidoscope eye of  fantasy’s reality and weave the threads of one’s inner self into the fabric of eternity.    ~ Candice James, Poet Laureate Emerita, New Westminster, BC CANADA   


by Angel Edwards