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"Innocent"  (words and music Bob MacKenzie) isn't in this book, but it is an overview of Bob MacKenzie's expansive talent.


“This new MacKenzie book of poetry, whether intentionally or not, seems written with musicians in mind. Musicians who read it will be glad they have music. Any not so blessed may wish they played something, anything.  A jazz musician and historian, I was inclined to tap my foot and imagine how I might play along to the beautiful but haunting lyrics, indeed the implied melodies and harmonies of so much in this remarkable book. But halfway in, a poem entitled “and I will dance,” seemed to say it all, and say it best. MacKenzie's poetry in this instance to be sure “is playing with a solid beat” and from the heart, raging against the world, calling upon children at heart, from far and wide, high and low, to come and dance with him to the beat.” ~ Clyde Forsberg, jazz musician and historian   

“somewhere still in wind the tree is bending” is a collection of poems by a poet who observes the world through a photographic lens, telling stories that are scenes with moody undertones. Shaped by film noir and set to the beat of blues, Bob MacKenzie's landscapes are filled with remote figures and portraits of apparitions. This poet writes with jazz in mind, and of that which perseveres, as the title suggests. His words reflect on relationships, to others, ers, to self, as he writes: “A mind is a large empty room, In which two persons meet”. ~Kathleen Reichelt,  writer and co-director of 1000 Islands Film & Stage Artist Residency​