Professor Cherubini offers a stimulating opportunity for the reader to ask oneself the universal questions of the Soul.  The wisdom within his poetry compels the challenge of deep contemplation of the heart.  This book is an absolute must read for anyone on a mystical quest. He  invites us to become intimate with our own experience - ALL of IT! Looking ever deeper into the connections that bind us all together as we journey into the complexity of ourselves.  “Thoughts that (co)exist in the dominant discourse,” and asking, “Have you met your inner dialogue?”  One then inquires, “What is the deeper determination?”  We then have room to ponder: empathy, complexity, understanding, desire, relevance, the dark and light. ~ Gini Cale - Author and Poet - "Ubuntu" and "The Spirit of Love"
 Professor Lorenzo’s poetry calls us to a new awareness—a wakefulness to the mystery of the truth of reality about us and within us. He asks us to go beyond popular ways of understanding.  The challenge of his existential poetry is to seek truth, to live without a mask, to discover our inner reality in order to reflect on the world, our experiences, the movements within history. Human beings are meant to be reflective. Reflection helps to distance us, so that our perception of reality is not deceived. Slowly reading each of Professor Lorenzo’s poems and allowing it to draw us into a new understanding can be a wonderful enlightening experience.~ Sister Jean Marie Dwyer, OP, is a member of a Dominican monastery in Squamish, British Columbia.


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