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Run Between the Raindrops, took me on an absolutely delightful journey. I enjoyed the variety of places I traveled as I read through the pages of Barry Plamondon’s poetry.  With a light touch of Hawaii; and the beautiful thought of recreating the song of the bluebird, he paints such beautiful images. I especially enjoyed the touch of magic in Memories and Moonbeams;  while,  Are You Really You, reflects the sad reality of alcohol. From the mountain peaks of joy and beauty to the depths of sorrow’s valleys, I completely and truly enjoyed every single poem in this collection. A must read for all whole love poetry! ~  Deborah L. Kelly, Poet/Writer/Artist; Winner Rabindranath Tagore International Award and Distinguished Writer International Award, 2017

​​Barry Plamondon keeps the magic alive, speaking to us through his unique verse and rhyme. He leads on a path of nostalgic memories while guiding us on his journey into a world of dreamy days and starry nights, reminding us to seek the simple everyday joys of life. Even when we struggle with the challenges of life, Barry's poetry speaks to the resilience of the human spirit, reminding us to always "Run Between The Raindrops" and to keep on keeping on.His soulful words touched me deepest "in the places that have been broken",bringing light to "The Shadows".In summary of this beautiful volume of poetry, the last poem brings me back to the first, and is best said in Barry's own words,   "All I need to know about those little points of light Is they’re sparkling and shining so beautiful tonight".

TITLE:      Run Between the Raindrops
AUTHOR:   Barry Plamondon
PUBLISHER: Silver Bow Publishing
ISBN         9781927616-49-9
PGS          63 pgs
PRICE        $18.00