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and Silver Bow Store

A Tribute to Orange

Shadow Girl

Rainforest in Russet

How to Honour the Moon

Perseid Showers

Call of the Light


Cynthia Sharp’s Rainforest in Russet is a heartfelt walk into nature. With the skill and passion of Mary Oliver, Sharp brings us along for a sensory stroll in the woods. Through these trees, however, we clearly see the forest - personal, metaphorical, and unabashedly open. -Bill Arnott

"Dromomania" and  "Gone Viking."

Cynthia Sharp’s debut book of poetry is filled with  brilliant imagery and tender moments etched against  the mystic backdrop of nature  and universal spirituality.  The poems move with an intrinsic motion of their own as waves over a parched desert.  There is a masterful eloquence at work here that relaxes the reader while at the same time urges the turning of the pages.  Sharp has honed her creative senses into a fine feathered brush to paint the beautiful word pictures that come alive on the pages of this debut book.  Sharp leaves us sated… yet wanting more.   ~ Candice James, Poet Laureate Emerita,   New Westminster, BC CANADA " RITHIMUS AETERNAM" 

Dreaming of Tulips

Sleeping with Books