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"Conrad Aragon's debut novella, The Phenomenalist,presents an innovative and screamingly funny take on the classic doppelganger story, in which it's fiendishly difficult to guess which character is the original, and which is one of the narrator's clever duplicates. Reading this book can be like watching the hall of mirrors scene in Orson Welles' The Lady From Shanghai, the characters unable to tell the difference between themselves and their mirror-images. The astute reader will be able to glean sly references to The Beatles, Franz Kafka, Mikhail Bulgakov, Jean Paul Sarte, Carl Jung, and a host of other prominent literary figures, who pop from the pages like guest players in cameo roles. Aragon writes his characters in refracting images that don't always bend in the expected ways, and the resulting narrative is not only psychologically accurate, it's great fun to read.” — Robert Eversz, author of Shooting Elvis