What would the world be like without wood?  How would life as we now know it  change?  Dick Walton is commissioned with finding a solution to the bug that came down in the space shuttle that crashed in Indonesia and is slowly killing the trees.  To add to his problems he is crazy about two women and can’t decide which one he wants to be with for the long haul.  Grace is the sultry, high class Washington DC secretary that is also super intelligent. And then there is Lestari, the exotic, and gorgeous daughter of the Indonesian Vice President.  The push and pull of the ups and downs of Walton’s sex life and love life coupled with his intense scientific investigation of the rabid nematodes attacking the trees keeps him hopping from continent to continent and bed to bed.

Could a bug from a space shuttle really turn America into a third world country? It could, and, in this eco-thriller, journalist Graham Mole tells how. Nematodes that escaped from the crashed shuttle are killing trees and the world is facing a rude awakening back to the dark ages: No wood, no by-products like paper, no cellulose, no chemicals for medical drugs. This environmental concept is a chilling possibility as even now we witness our forests diminishing at a startling rate. 

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