OF MEN AND WOMEN is a 100k at love from all sides, not only through the lens of male and female thoughts and emotions, but it also ponders the universal questions that women and men, friends and lovers, sons and daughters have asked throughout the ages. Plamondon has an innate knack for connecting with both poetry lovers and non-poetry buffs.. It is a light, easy read while at the the same time, a heavier, philosophical presentation. ~Candice James, Poet Laureate, New Westminster, BC

Barry Plamondon's poetic verse and soulful reflection opens the door to a myriad of relationships. His faith in God, and devotion to his wife ånd family permeate throughout the pages. With both a strong sense of humanity and humility, Barry is a poet's poet who writes "Their words will not disappoint/ For they are the poets". Janet Kvammen, poet, artist, Vice-President of Royal City Literary Arts Society

Barry has done a wonderful job of portraying the ups, downs and in-betweens -of the love between a man and a a woman. Loss, mystery, dreams and yes, even a touch of fantasy are laced throughout his poetry. My journey through "Of Women and Men" has been a delightful experience. I recommend this book to all who appreciate the beauty of love. A yery good read indeed. Deborah L. Kelly, author of 'Heartworks'; 'Cry of Humanity'; 'Through My Eyes'

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