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As a big fan of thrillers, and supernatural genre, I dove into "Moon Dancing" head first, dancing shoes on. I was not disappointed. With every turn of the page I was swept away, deeper yet into the mysterious otherworld of the Garou's "Northern Den" and the Noctrailis. Their long history is slowly revealed, but the war between them and within them has really only just begun. The story takes place in small town Ireland where the chilling case of grisly murders has shocked the Sapien community, baffled the police force and kept local investigative newspaper journalist Cara-Marie McKenna on her toes. Good character development and sustained suspense as the chilling tale unfolds. I don't want to give too much away but be prepared for multiple twists and turns and a surprising ending --- or perhaps I should say, beginning? "Moon Dancing" definitely is a leader of the pack and would make an excellent gift for the fantasy-horror aficionado in your life! ~ Janet Kvammen, Vice President, Royal City Literary Arts Society