Merging Dimensions (Ekstasis Editions) is a surrealistic offering of poetry crossing boundaries invisible and visible with brilliant and vivid imagery flowing throughout.  It is a subliminial mix of raw bones and sparkling diamonds reflecting the many facets of mind, matter and spirit. In this, Candice James’ 9th poetry book, the reader is taken on an ethereal ride through sliding and merging dimensions of soul. It is a journey within a journey encompassing love and passion; grief and despair; delight and joy; “heartbreak and heartache; tension and excitement, and splashes of deja-vu.

James’ musical background comes to the forefront in a magical weave of rhythm and melody underscoring the poems as evidenced in: “Cats and Jazz”; “Ruby Crowned Songs”; “Side Steps”; “The Edge”; “The Song” and “Sands of Eternity”.  Passion spills from the pages in a blaze of black ink and white heat in the poems: “In The Heat of the Tender Night”; “We Light the Candle Up”; “ Midnight Burn”; “Vessels”; “The Wet” and “Sailing the Night”.

Heartache and disillusionment centre the core of the evocative poems “Futility Personified”; “Distances”; “Beside Me”; “Something”; “She Wept”; “Lost Water”; “You Take Me By Surprise” and “Moving Through”. The poet delves into the quantum pools of consciousness and merging dimensions, touching down on the tangible and intangible shores of imagination and inspiration.  “Dreamscape” opens the book, and the trip begins, continuing through a myriad of surrealistic poems to the germane final poem “I’ve Been Dead” which succinctly finishes the book and ends the poetic journey.

These poems run the gamut of emotions.  Poems to cut your teeth on; poems tear your heart out; poems that sip like wine and drink like memories; poems that fan the flames of passion; poems to take you beyond this world; poems to soak your spirit in; and poems to simply enjoy.
After total immersion in James’ poetry, that soothes and electrifies simultaneously, the reader emerges in a surrealistic mood of palpable aftermath and lingering afterburn he/she can almost taste.
(Candice James is in her second 3 year term as Poet Laureate of The City of New Westminster, B.C.)

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