I came away from reading this collection of poetry more aware of my ‘self’, ‘my spirit’ and the paths of possibilities lying within ‘the in between’.  There are so many lines that invite us into the mind’s realm of inner digestion leading to new shorelines of self realization. The first stanza of “Color Crimson” paints a beautiful vision reminiscent of a Turner masterpiece:

       “He looked like a crimson crane/
       with one wing set on the dreams of dawn/
       and the other on the dusk embers/
       forever in-between the sword and stone.”

Ioana Cosma has an innate talent that stretches the fabric of eternity and weaves a cloth for the eclectic imagination to savour like a finely aged rare wine. The genius of Ioana Cosma pervades every page of this book.  ~  Candice James, Poet Laureate Emerita, New Westminster, BC CANADA

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