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Deborah Kelly is one of those rare human beings that has a foothold both in this world and in the dimension of spirit.  Her spiritual pulse beats gently throughout this collection of poems which is a tender salve for the soul.

​​ ~ Candice James, Poet Laureate Emerita, New Westminster, BC

With her words, Deborah Kelly seeks to remind us that ‘The evolution revolution will not be televised.’; that peace begins within.  It is an inside job.  These prayer-poems encourage us to live from our hearts and to get more comfortable with our destiny or place in this world.    ~ Jonina Kirton author of page as bone – ink as blood

 "The spirituality of the poet is conveyed in this collection of poetry. Her caring and tenderness are sprinkled throughout this collection. As in Recipe for Love she has stirred in kindness, understanding  “and an over-flowing cup of honesty.” Love, tenderness, magic, dreams are the themes woven into this tapestry. There is a tinge of humor too, in poems like Give Me a Man “who thinks little is cute, not some shallow soul in a fancy suit”. Deborah L. Kelly is a gentle, loving soul, indeed a Star Traveller aware and open to embracing the magic of life - “a pure heart, flying free”. Thank you, Deborah, for sharing these inspiring, poetic words of wisdom."~  W. Ruth Kozak, Author, Shadow of the Lion

​"When immersing myself into Deborah Kelly's book, "Through My Eyes," I felt a sense of her heart:  her mind, but mostly her Soul. All that has and does touch her is spread page upon page like a fine Holiday feast, which feeds my Soul. I find her passionate Spirituality ignites my own.“  ~ Terrie Bates, Poet/Writer, Oregon, USA ~