This work confirms a sense of craft, a skillful use of language that is, at once, approachable and as expert as our lauded poets of deified repute. Subtle in point of view, these poems show an observer of the ordinary with a keen eye and a sense of wit. Some poems are brief horror stories in a modern-classic vein, others are observations of the horror we have bestowed as humans, but there‚Äôs just the observation, a look-at-that sense of the prosaic aspect of a nightmare in which we can all participate just by looking.--Su Zi, author, Lit (Jammin Productions), Tropical Depression (Outlandish Press)
 Good Advice from Bad Women is not only a prime, page turning collection of poetry, but  an unusual yet historical take on famous women over many eras: many faces, many crimes, many loves, many atrocities.  All are encompassed within these pages.  Carly Herriges innate poetic talent married to her unique take on historical women makes for an intriguing and sometimes shocking read.   The reader will not be disappointed.  ~ Candice James, Poet Laureate Emerita, New Westminster, BC CANADA
EXCERPT   Hedy Lamarr Teaches Being Too Much

  • Hedy Lamarr   (1914-2000)   is best known as the most beautiful actress in Hollywood as well as performing the first ever female orgasm shown in film. However, Hedy was also a prolific scientist and invented frequency hopping which led to the invention of GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi

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