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"Gold, we are told, is all that is precious, delicate, beautiful; the ultimate essence of worth and of luxury. See how it glimmers and glitters, how we worship. Then there is the gold brought to us by Angel Edwards. She has written a wonderfully compelling book of poetry that reminds us of the ultimate gold, real gold, the golden thread that runs through everything, links and creates who we are, weaves us alive in our potential to love"   ~ Alan Hill, Poet Laureate, New Westminster, BC CANADA 

Angel Edwards is a poet, musician, singer-songwriter and solo artist who has performed in and around the Vancouver area for over 30 years. Her poetry has been published in numerous in anthlogies  “ Royal City Poets” New Westminster; "Spillwords” New York, as well as numerous E zines  in Ontario, British Columbia, the USA and the UK.  She has written three books of poetry; Gold Conjuring Poetry is her fourth collection. Her short stories have been published by "Our Canada Magazine","More of Our Canada Magazine", "Vancouver Weekly "and "The Galway Review" in Ireland.

Angel is a member of the League of Canadian Poets; the Vancouver branch of the American Federation of Musician; and a long time member of SOCAN and BMI  Angel lives in Vancouver, BC and is a vegan, an animal lover and an ardent bird watcher.