When one of the city's homeless becomes "a lump of inwardness wrapped round/by rat-gray rags," I stop to reread that. No, to see that go deep. These are the poems of a serious scholar in the habit of teach, weigh, figure out—first meaning then back to its vulnerable mortal source or sometimes the reverse, one image dissolving into a multitude of ideas. Leonard Neufeldt's fellow travelers include Thoreau and Dante, Lévinás and Vivaldi. Rich winding sentences make this collection a world upon world, a dense cornucopia of wild willed earnestness. But a single plum tree lives here too, and a beloved book's "back flyleaf" remembered because of its pressed flower's "vague stain of petals…." ~ Marianne Boruch (Boruch has earned fellowships from the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center, the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts.


Find What Isn’t Missing is a complex journey through memory and time, crafted by life experience, scholarship and a love of language. The poems blend journeys and places from Soweto to Moscow to Kolkata to Winnipeg and Montana travelling across decades with intelligence and sensitivity.  Neufeldt draws on threads of literature, philosophy, religion and relationships to shape his exploration of what is hidden but not missing. A book to spend time with; a book filled with wonder, affection and attention.​ 
 ~ Daniel G. Scott, Artistic Director, Planet Earth Poetry Reading Series,Associate Professor Emeritus School of Child & Youth Care. University of Victoria, Author of “Aftertime” and “Gnarled Love”

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