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"It's Like When"


What a great collection of in your face, underground grit poetry.  Matthew Jose tells it like it is without any candy coating. This is definitely not a dull, tenderhearted meandering of the psyche. It is a ‘slam, bam, thank you ma’am and pour me another drink while you’re up’ hard-ass realistic look at life from the seamy underside and dreamy heights of life being lived to the fullest for the circumstances it’s in.  But occasionally Jose does show us his tender side which is mostly hiding in the wings with a bottle of love and a beer chaser asking the age-old questions to which there are no “dyed in the wool” correct answers. A thoroughly enjoyable read, the reader will never be bored. Jose’s brilliant analogies and comparisons are second to none.  There is a masterful intelligence at work here evidenced in each and every poem .  “Even the Flowers Mock Me” is Matthew Jose’s 4th book of poetry.   ~ Candice James, Poet Laureate Emerita, New Westminster, BC Canada..  and  author of “Rhithimus Aeternam”  and “Short Shots”.

This is brave and original art that is not afraid to explore the nonsensical badlands of our limitless and wayward imaginings and flush out beauty. This is art that is not afraid of the dark, hits it head on, wrestles it down, and gets it to cough up its mysteries. In these poems, there is a wonderful acceptance of the transitory nature of our human lives and the beauty and untamed wildness to be found in every last moment. A collection that is both unique and moving in equal measure.
~Alan Hill, Poet Laureate, New Westminster, BC Canada, author of “We Came from Water” and  “The Narrow Road to the Far West”. 

Matthew Jose views the world in a way that brings a smile, head-scratch, a knowing nod, at times leaving you wondering just what you might have missed – insights and clarity I hope one day to have.  ~ Bill Arnott,  author of “Gone Viking: A Travel Saga” and “Dromomania”.

"It Sure Is Hot Today"

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