This collaboration of Professional Artist  (Don Portelance) and Poet Laureate Emerita, (Candice James)  is indeed a masterpiece of paintings and poems.  In this marriage of visual art and literary art, Candice James, Poet Laureate Emerita, New Westminster, BC has poeticized the inspiration created in her soul by the paintings of renowned, professional artist and art instructor, Don Portelance. 

This book contains 42 full colour photos of paintings by Don Portelance and 42 poems by Candice James for each painting on opposing pages.  This is definitely a one of a kind book in the medium of ekphrastic art expression.  Truly a masterpiece that enhances every home library.



AUTHOR: Candice James  & Don Portelance

PUBLISHER:  Silver Bow Publishing
PGS:  178  ISBN:  978-1-927616-11-6
84 color paintings with 84 ekphrastic poems

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