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     David Hardin loves language and music, as a poet should, and his virtuosity with both shines through the poems in Dreaming Bob Wills, taking the reader on a journey across America, but firmly centered on the state of Michigan. His erudition, too, informs his work, drawing easily on his eclectic knowledge of world literature and culture. This is a book to be savored, like good sipping whiskey.   ~   Arnold Johnston, author of Where We’re Going, Where We’ve Been (poems) and The Witching Voice: A Novel from the  Life of Robert Burns

      Dave Hardin's poetry reaches the "inner in" of our humanity. His unique images and poetic ways of capturing true human emotions is uncanny and totally original. I have long enjoyed his poetry, and I also appreciate his love for the craft. Dave is a fine poet who should be read.   M. L. Liebler, author of I Want to Be Once (Wayne State Press) and editor of Heaven Was Detroit: Essays on Detroit Music and the RESPECT:   Poets on Detroit Music (2020 Michigan State Press).