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Candice James



Matthew Jose & Candice James

Matthew Jose


This collection of poems is a new kind of experimental, off-kilter, off-key but very in tune poetry. It will stretch your imagination past the point of breaking and then take it a couple of miles further.  It’s in your face, slap your mind alive, short quick-take happenings of  everyday abnormal life both on Earth and on Evidaris.  This collaboration of 53 in depth grey matter etchings pulled from the psyche and soul will  titillate, charm and tramsport the reader to places unknown ... but somehow ... strangely familiar  and recognized.


The Process

These  poems are true collaborations.  Each poem has original lines from each poet and also revamped lines from the poets, so each poem is a TOTAL collaboration of original minds.

Authors Profile
Jose & James are a rough and tumble, sensitive collaborative team, living off-planet. They are seekers and gatherers of obscure thoughts and bizarre moments in the quantum boiling pot of timeless time. When they are not writing poetry, their hobby is chasing nuclear butterflies with their collapsible net of poetry as they time travel through their air stream of ink and words, polishing their poems to a super-fine gloss and shine.

If you watch closely you may be able to see them flashing in and out of time on retrograde Moon rotational nights. 

Mebbee … Mebbee not.