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​​​​This new offering by Donna Ross is a breath of fresh air.  These poems rub the soul with a tender salve that soothes the ragged edges of a time worn heart.

In a lyrical celebration of inner strength, this poet speaks from the emotional core: If you held her heart/in your hand/you would feel the industrial/ strength/of it...though it's not always about the beating centre (a million pieces of/sun on her toes). In her third book of verse Donna Ross has created a chorus of praise to the life pulse of humanity. Disaster Response Route wends through songs of love and loss, the perils of feeling, and renewal through the redemption of creativity. Through it all, a celebration of the irrepressible: ...to hold your words/tight in my hand/making my fist a heart.

~ Dennis E Bolen -Black Liquor (Caitlin Press, 2013)​


Donna Ross

84 pgs