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                          BOOK OVERVIEW

Devil’s Breath is a sweeping murder mystery taking place in the late 1800’s. Angus Colquhoon is a brash, hard-headed Scotsman who has left his family in Montreal to find his fortune in the Caribou of British Columbia during the “Gold Rush” . Angus stakes claims in the Barkerville –area and becomes a rich man, but there are skeletons in his closet and those skeletons rattle into his last place of residence, Port Moody, BC. He is known in this area as a recluse and someone to stay away from, but nobody in the town has any idea how rich this unkept recluse is until after his death.

  Enter BC Provincial Police detective Tavish (Sandy)McPherson, who’s been sent from New Westminster to investigate and solve the recent bizarre decapitation murders that have surfaced in Port Moody.  There is something in the air.  Something supernatural that has frightened the lumbermen and the Chinese community and Sandy is working hard on this his first case he is the lead detective on.  He takes charge of the police station in Port Moody where two fine officers are stationed.  Edwin Shuster, a dyed in the wool Scotsman somewhat rough around the edges but with a lot of smarts hidden under his gruff exterior and Russell Cuthbertson a young officer who is eager to learn everything he can from detective McPherson.

Unexpected twists and turns make this book a real page turner with mysterious happenings, bizarre murders, and local smatterings of historical locations in British Columbia peppered throughout the novel.

This is Ronald Stephen Reiniger’s second book.  His first mystery novel is “Clubman” (2020)



Ronald Stephen Reiniger