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Depending Upon the Muse marries now to then  and causes the mind to do backflips and spiral inward to wonder where it is ..... here or there. Inside this wonderment, there is a grand disorientation and genius at work taking thought patterns from different realms and polishing each poem to a soft glow that pampers the heart and a harsh eloquence that nips at the soul.

These poems are the pit bull guardians of remembrance and the soldiers of the dog days to come.  ~ Candice James, Poet Laureate Emerita, New Westminster, BC Canada


Matchstick Heed

“Wonderment comes with time

and the streets are teeming
with the immortal brilliance

of a million fools.”  Pg 10

Not Found

“And all the while the chosen few

plan to colonize Mars.
Looking for themselves in places not found.”  Pg 17
It’s What the Insects Long For

“And as the anger crawls nearer
it causes my fingers to bleed at times,

clawing at forever.”  Pg 25

Cheap, Yet Priceless

“Cheap, yet priceless, yes,

like the gaunt spring rains
of a windblown dust bowl.”  Pg 45

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