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               Vancouver private eye, Jason Kereso, has a problem: is a murder victim really who he seems to be?   Kereso’s assistant, the sultry Farrah Sunday, insists she saw the victim, typecast actor Lawrence Paddon, shot from behind in Victory Square. But, why had Paddon, the one-trick-pony star of a 1980’s all but forgotten stage play been killed? Kereso is dubious as to whether he can trust his assistant who is a  former Urban Guerilla group, the Squamish Five, hanger-on and may have ulterior motives he is unaware of.

                  Local big city neighborhoods backdrop this quasi thriller murder mystery along with the ambiance of Gastown. Other major landmarks like the Dominion Building, Beatty Street,  and the downtown eastside all play roles in setting the mood for this Canadian  novel alive with danger, deception and death. as the author deftly moves the characters through time and space with moments of hesitation and questioning and other moments of “aha! I get it now.”