“This collection resembles a mosaic of interpretations both moral and psychological, intended to express the dynamics of today’s world through the poetess’ eyes keen in observing odds and unexpected twists of human behaviour. Beauty beyond concept, she will insist on using the esoteric lens of her perception, the true observer of the polyphonic expressions of the mighty, the lived experiences of the marginalized and outcasts thrown to the sidelines of humanity. The poetess’ strong voice dwelling on rebellion and resistance stands opposite the well-fed and well-entertained elite whilst the others still fight every single moment for a shred of light, a fight she undertakes as her allotted duty which she has imposed upon herself, a war against the unfairness of today’s world. A strong voice yet peaceful in its resolve to stand tall and declare her war against inaccuracy and marginalization, and to offer the other side of the world she envisions in the crevices of her creative mind; an excellent read.” ~ Manolis Aligizakis

“In her latest book Deborah L. Kelly really comes to grips with the evil and hypocrisy in our world. She is a poet who is not afraid to tackle the big issues and tell us how it is. No self-indulgent, navel-gazing here; just hard-hitting poetry that is full of compassion, insight and sincerity. This is rare in modern poetry and Deborah should be applauded and supported for what she has set out to achieve.” Alan Hill - Poet Laureate, City of New Westminster

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