​​"Crackers and Crumbs is an eclectic collection of poetry. While reading Barry’s poems, I found myself reflecting on many good memories of my own. His work includes childhood memories, nature, the deep musings of existentialism, with an added touch of form poetry.  I found this book filled with that down home, easy-flowing style that is indeed a pleasure to read.   It is very apparent that love and family are of utmost importance in his life, and offer much inspiration. It was indeed a pleasure be taken away in the soothing flow of Barry’s poetry." ~ Deborah L. Kelly, Author/Poet;  Rabindranath Tagore International Poetry Award Recipient, 2015.

Barry Plamondon’s innate ability to tap into the core of nature is brought to the forefront with vivid imagery permeating both description and mood in his poetry.  The poems move from serenity to sorrow and from anticipation to acceptance. Plamondon finds that fine balance between reality and otherworldliness with an eloquent grace and ease.  There is a sweet, sweet sadness that quietly ebbs and flows through the pages.  

~  Candice James, Poet Laureate  New Westminster, BC 2010-2016


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