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Colors of India, by renowned Canadian poet, Candice James, is a collection of poems on the extraordinary diversity of India in matters of land and language, culture and courtesy, songs and sages, myths and myriad fables.  

The power packed words of each poem genuinely paint the secrets of magical India's music and manners, singers and cities, bards and brooks.  All poems brilliantly portray different shades of India from a Canadian perspective.

Candice James, with nearly a dozen poetry collections to her credit rediscovers herself and her colors in this genuine painting by a Canadian brush exuding the many colors of a quintessential India.  Candice james is more than a poet!

Colors of India: India through Candice's kaleidoscope...  Collect the colors of music. Collect the true India.  

                        ~ Srinivas Vasudev, Associate Professor of English, Bangalore, India

Srinivas Vasudev