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and Silver Bow Store

Ronald Stephen Reiniger

Three downtown Vancouver buddies  in their early twenties without roots or steady jobs stumble into an opportunity that starts them on the road to unexpected riches and success..

One of the three buddies is presened with an illegal job for hire offer by a person known as the  “ Clubman”.  This opportunity  could  net him a nice little bundle.  He soon realizes  he will need to pull this illegal caper off flawlessly if he wants more jobs from Clubman. And he  also realizes he will need help to do this job properly, so he asks his two buddies if they want in.   They do want in and the business partnership is born.  

 A few more “opportunities” accepted  and the three buddies become a triumvirate of very well respected and successful businessmen with wealth beyond their wildest imaginings.   One thing leads to another  and  the die is cast.   Through twists, turns and indiscretions, their lives move in directions they never planned and could never have anticipated or seen coming.

The story is set mostly in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia with much local lore and history in evidence throughout the pages.   Also some European history presents itself as the “main man” of the triumvirate  travels the Mediterranean on a few occasions.

A very  enjoyable read with many unexpected surprises cropping up as the pages are turned.