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Chronicles  from the Periphery

by Matthew Jose

CHRONICLES FROM THE PERIPHERY is filled with over 160 poems that plumb the depths of human despair and softly illuminate he light at the end of hope’s tunnel.    

We are all human, and Matthew Jose bares his heart and soul to show us his humanity in all its shining and stark nakedness.   Dark and light dance in tandem throughout the text.  These poems, in my opinion will stand the test of time and be read for many centuries to come. Jose is most definitely a rising star on poetry’s ever waxing horizon.    

I have read many books by a vast variety of poets touching on just about every style and content possible, but never have I read such a magnetic and commanding set of poems as those within the pages of this 2nd collection of poetry “Chronicles from the Periphery” by Matthew Jose.

        ~ Candice James. Poet Laureate Emerita,           

          City of New Westminster, BC CANADA