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If you had thirty seconds left to live, would you regret the choices you’ve made? Five riders are on their morning vanpool commute, each believing the choices they made led them here, to this moment in time.
TED: his classmates ridiculed him in elementary school; his shame burned a deep scar. Vowing to never be a target again, he devises The Plan.
ARJUN: hoping to reap good karma in this lifetime he always follows his dharma, constantly  balancing between desire and duty.
CHRISTINE: since she was a little girl playing house with her dolls, she has dreamed of being a mother.
MARIA:nearly losing her sister at a young age, and struggling against the terrors of the drug cartel, taught her to rely on God for strength. 
MASON: the musical world first beckoned to him when he was just a toddler, to escape listening to his parents’ hateful fighting.

A LITTLE BOY, unknown to them all, plays an innocent game. He pushes and crashes his toy cars along the elevated track, unaware if his casual actions will or will not impact the lives of others.

Is life destined - the result of the paths we choose?  Or is it random – the choice the universe makes for us?