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A master of brevity, Roethlin packs a philosophical punch in every poem. His insight offers readers a trove of inspiration in clever and playful lines, delivering up wisdom out of imagery. It is a journey through hidden answers for every grieving soul reborn in light. ~ Cynthia Sharp, Writer in Residence, City of Richmond, BC and author of “Rainforest in Russet”


   James Roethlein can do what the book title states....or he could also do the opposite. He might just as easily have titled the book ‘An Expertly Brief Way of Saying Extravagantly Smart Words’.  He doesn't waste words, and the ones he chooses in his prolific poetry writing are worth stopping to re-read. His last book is wonderful and this one is too. He has a delightful sense of humor along with a vast memory for culture, for unrequited loves, and for getting to the point. When you read a James Roethlein piece, you'd better not look up at your coffee and miss a line. He knows how to produce brilliant stuff and he does it over and over again.  ~  George Wylie, Author of ‘Why Did I Remain in the Garden’